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Chips and small fractures in tooth enamel don’t often cause pain. Many people with a chipped tooth might be tempted to forgo having it repaired. It’s important to keep in mind that the unnatural textures caused by the chipped enamel can actually trap residual food particles and plaque.

Should you choose not to seek timely treatment by your dentist, Dr. Arnold H Brokstein, a new area of tooth decay could form in the chip. Since the enamel is already shallowed or compromised, any new cavity could quickly penetrate the sensitive internal structures of the tooth.

A minor chip in a tooth can sometimes be repaired by your dentist by using a basic filling or cosmetic bonding procedure. If a filling is called for, it will likely be made from porcelain, composite resin, gold or amalgam. The ideal material will be influenced by the chip’s location on the tooth, its size and its prevalence in your smile.

If the chip is large or on the biting surface of a tooth, your dentist might recommend restoring all of the tooth enamel with a dental crown. This is a two-step process where all of the tooth enamel is replaced by a crown made from either porcelain, gold or base metal alloys.

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