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If you or your teen are trying to decide if you want to pierce your tongue, we would like you to think about a few things before you make a final decision.

Tongue piercings can cause major dental problems, including:

Chipped teeth
Having a fractured tooth is a common dental problem among those who have a tongue piercing. They tend to chip their teeth on their oral jewelry when they eat, sleep, talk, and chew. When a tooth is fractured, it generally requires a dental filling, root canal therapy, or even tooth extraction.

Most tongues swell after they have been punctured. The most dangerous thing about swelling is that sometimes the swelling becomes so intense that it can block the airways and stop oxygen flow. When this happens, doctors need to pass a breathing tube through the nose so the patient can breathe until the swelling reduces.

Infections are also common side effects of tongue piercings because the tongue is covered in bacteria. When the tongue is punctured, it introduces the bacteria to the blood, giving it a chance to enter the bloodstream and transfer to other areas of the body.

Allergic reactions
Many people are allergic to specific types of metal, so oftentimes the piercer uses a tool that irritates the tongue. This can cause an allergic reaction. Another way an allergic reaction can occur is if people wear tongue jewelry that is made of the same metal.

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